Malawian Crash Mixtape 1

by Owls Are Not



Side A
MZUNI students - WASINJA
K-barz & Machuluka - ZOWALA remix
Owen German - MA ALBINO NDI ANTHU (prod. Hena Studio)
BlackFace Family - BINYUKA
Aubrey Nyasulu - ALINAFE (prod. Lucky Msiska)
DJ Clock feat, Brick - UMANYONYOBA (made in South Africa)
BlackFace Family - PLAY GLASS RIDDIM
Katax feat. Rajab - ALLAHUMMAH
DJ Skamwana - 2
Trinity Kachingwe Khumbo & Madalitso Khumbo - PANTANDA WA CALVERY (prod. George Msukwa & Manson Ngwira)
Side B
K2B - MALONDA (prod. Kd-z)
King Sparrow - WAGWAN (prod. Twiggy)
Mzuzu Mbumba - ISE MBUMBA
Maria M. Nundwe - URWIRWI (prod. George Msukwa)
Mozy Nyex B ft. Breezy - SENDELERA
Katawa Singers - 2 (prod. Hena Studio)
Davido - SKELEWU (made in Nigeria)
Mzakwacha Gondwe - SEWELE WANE
Jolo Justice – WASINTHA (prod. Raj Records)

Broadcasted by NTS Radio. Write us to get a free download link for 72 minute version:

These tracks were collected during research in Northern Region of Malawi by participation in everyday social life: at barber shops, radio stations, music gigs, dancehalls, buses, churches, local markets, listetning private collections and of course by meeting with producers and musicians.

The mastering of the mixtape ressembles the way the music in Malawi is heard and experienced. As Malawian producers are able to prepare clear sound, pressuming how it will be modified by usually (too) long-serving speakers, the mixtape represent distort, energetic sound of street music.

Mix is an announcement of forthcoming releases of 1000HZ records: afro-punk by Tonga Boys, masterpiece of rhythms and polyphonies by Kukaya group, electro-gospel by Maria M. Nundwe, dancehall from Tumbuka ethnic group by BlackFace Family.


released January 17, 2017

Mix, mastering and production: Piotr Cichocki / Owls Are Not

Cover design: Khumbo Desire Masanika / Adrian Szwarc



all rights reserved


Owls Are Not Warszawa, Poland

Experimental music from Warsaw, PL.

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